Vigor 1.11 Theme - Really small request

Hello there,
I’m reworking my website and one of the final thing I need to do is remove the “Custom Field” line on this page :

Any idea on how to do it ? I don’t find the line in the Edge Options…

I’d also like to switch positionning between these squares “Graphical Creation” (The big one) and the two linear ones by its side “Wasteland” and “Road Trip in Ireland 2” at this link :

I don’t know how to do it… Can Anyone help me please ? I want GRaphical Creation on bottom right and the two linear ones on the left side (at the current “Graphical Creation” place)

I don’t have any credit for Vigor support since I bought the theme few years ago. I need to pay back if I want some official help… I can’t pay for only these requests. I’m casual artist I never use web coding etc, it’s hard for me.

Thanks for help!


Contact your item author how to with purchase key get purchse key
Still have any question then open a Envato support ticket

If support expired hire a freelancer form Envato Studio
hope your problem will solved.


Thanks a lot unlockdesign

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