View Private Posts in Newspaper Theme/Wordpress


I’m using the Newpaper Theme for Wordpress. It has worked quite well so far. Now I want to create a new page with posts on it. Since the posts mustn’t be published yet I have set them to private, so that I as an administrator should be able to see them. On the category page they are, indeed, displayed to me. Yet when I put any container for posts onto my page and set the filters so that only posts from the relevant category are to be shown the private posts are missing.

I have already tested this with another Wordpress site with different plugins but the same theme. There it is the same. Sites with other themes (e.g. Divi) work fine and private posts are displayed.

Is there some option (or something else) I’m missing?


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a little try from my side to explain for doing this you have to customize your theme as like you have to create a page template with custom code to maintain only private post there. You can Contact theme Author but this customization work is not a part of Support according to support policy. So, For doing this job you can hire a freelancer from