Videoplayer with video sharing

Hi there.

I’m looking for a videoplayer that can display the video’s i have in my WP library and a share button that can share a link to the video in the library.

Not a facebook / twitter or anything.
Just a share link to video button.

Anyone know of any plug-ins out there? I have tried 3 already, but they do not have what i want.

Hey, where are the videos located? In the WP Media library? I could create a plugin. How should the videos get displayed?

As a video player widget in the articles/pages as shortcut or as video player fixed on the bottom right?

Can you draw me an example of the required player in paint? It mustn’t be beautiful, just a small sketch so I know how to create it.

Cheers, eliteCode :blush:

Hi there.

The video’s are in the WP library.

Design i don’t realy care about, it can be a classic good videoplayer.
It should be a videoplayer that i can place a shortcode on a page.

I have 11 video’s and more is coming that will be diplayed on one side.

The sharing should share the location of where the video is located (WP library, maybe even with a “time limit” on the sharing. 10-15 days or something if possible).