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I think it looks very 80’s/90’s, and not in a retro 80’s/90’s style like Miami Vice, but more of a ‘limitations of 80’s/90’s video effects technology’ style… like the background of an office training video or something. As a result, I’m not sure what it would be used for. It’s unlikely anyone would buy it as a current/modern/stylish background as it looks too dated. And it’s unlikely anybody would buy it for a retro 80’s/90’s style background as it doesn’t really fit the genre. I think the reviewer made the right decision.

Ohhh very nice thoughts .I know that this is the old fashioned. And alos i know that The modern motion graphic are using some camera mapping ,mask ,matte,null object ,ink motion ,energy,fire ,time and space ,element,trap code (particular etc ).but they are common too .but I think the above project is OK for kids drowning background too .rejection is very sad moment .:neutral_face::pensive:

Work on same video again, that your done already.improve animation ,& colour,pattern, transition effect add thing keep in mind its not about they are rejecting our work.its about we are not giving correct output.improve & learn.don’t lose hope.

Start doing simple projects. Simple lower-third. Always be good for customers and very good practice. It is not worth doing anything other than the global trends.