Videohivers - quick question...

Would you say you usually create your content first, then look for inspiring music that suits it? Or do you find music first then create your content around it…? I’m sure it can depend on the type of content you’re creating as well…but just curious to know how everyone in the hive approaches their respective blank canvas…
Cheers! - DL

Especially for me its easier to produce something with having a music as a starting point. (If its an opener, logo reveal or a slideshow template) because I like to adjust my work to the music to get a better and higher quality result. Also music insipres me while I do my creative work.

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Only for trailers. I’d say for trailers, especially action ‘blockbuster’ trailers, timing to a soundtrack is essential.
I have a pre-determined concept in mind before starting the actual project (fire theme, storm theme etc.) but i really need to work with the actual music track to help me visualize more. For all other projects i make the project first then find a track.

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95% time after completion of video part, But some times if I find good track by accident then I will work with audio ad starting point, Disadvantage of working with audio at start, our video part will have too much sync with audio and those project may not sync with any other audio

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Appreciate the replies so far…always glad to establish some communication and do some networking on here.

To my projects I create first, and choose later. There are so many options, I always can find one that fits just well tp my project…