[VideoHive] Your item, Stylish slideshow, has been rejected

Hi all, my item have been rejected, any suggestion?

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Beats me. I think it looks great.

Thanks, but it seems to be not enought :confused:

I would like to know if i update this one and make it better, can i upload again ?

Hi. the position animations are very nice, but I can’t say the same for the size animations. I think that in cases where pictures are used, they should be reduced and enlarged at the “same rate” without distorting the form. (scale or rotation idk) I think you need to use a more minimal font. You also chose a very large text for the typewriter effect. Good luck

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Hi, the photos revealing effect is really cool, well done!

What’s not so well done:

1. The text animations:

“Add your title” in the beginning. It’s animation is invisible against the white background, and it animates in too soon and then just freezes - ends up looking really odd and static. In templates, we want (and pay for) a well-orchestrated dynamic movement in general, not static awkward pauses that can be created by anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

So animate that text and the text shape later, closer to the appearance of the photos and make it more interesting and dynamic, use keyframes easing function to make it smoooooth :smiley: . Do the same for the two lines of text beneath.

“Fashion” animation also too boring and dull, just one letter animates… What about animating the whole text or masking it somehow? Or doing something else? More of a 3D text animation?? (Would match the 3D photos animation too) come on you can do better than this :smiley: “Style” the same issue.

“Stylish” overall text animation looks better but lacks refinement and something additional. Maybe some parallax effect for all the text reveals would help? + Keep animating the text letters and rotate the text in 3D. Should look much better. Or something different but similarly layered in complexity. Not just one layer of 1 boring animation.

“YOUR TITLE” with lots of text scenes… very very bad - text is designed poorly. The text beneath the headline ends up looking like a huge wall of text that scares the viewers and readers away. Plus the text font of this text seems too bold and heavy. Cut the text in length two or three times. And in general watch up on Youtube on how to nicely design text paragraphs.

2. Graphics:

The rounded line at the bottom seems unnecessary and looks weird while providing no design beauty. Get rid of if or add more fitting thinner elements in the background to make it more interesting. Your photos are thick and big so this other thick and big line creates no contrast. Mix thin and thick to create a dynamic design.

3. Phasing/repetitiveness:

The photo reveals animation gets too “the same” and boring towards the end. Mix it up by making some animations more extreme or gentler or add some totally different but matching animations into the mix.

Also, try to mix up the photos shape and how closely or far away they are shown. Now they just always fill in the screen perfectly. This ends up looking super boring. Make some photos not fit into the screen by showing only a fraction of a super big photo, and make some other photos much smaller, not filling in the screen all the way. This will create a more dynamic slideshow.

Overall please study basic design principles, they very clearly can show you how to make your work much better by properly utilizing all of the design principles, like contrast, which is mostly the biggest issue here amongst other things.

I hope this helps! :smiley:


Hi, thanks for your analysis, i see what you mean and i thought the same for some element but a bit scare to break the minimalist style if i put more and more elements and animation , but it looks like i should.

I have a question cuz i never tried, it’s possible in envato to update this template and upload it again?

If that was hard reject, to upload again you will need to make significant changes, otherwise your account could be blocked (in worse scenario even removed) and you won’t be able to upload new items at all. It is much safer to simply learn from this and move on to creating something new.

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you can upload in videohive but new item, you not need resubmit same design in videohive because will to be hard rejected finish blocked your account, she author as said “@Suzana TArt”

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ok, thanks

is the fact of coding with expression to make the user experience is important for the validation of the object?

so, i can sell this one on my side ? by removing envato logo

no need remove logo envato

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There are so many items on Envato already and approval bar gets higher and higher every year. To get your items approved those should provide new experience, creativity, uniqueness. I suggest you go through latest approved items in that category and check what other authors create. That’s the best way to understand what goes and what doesn’t.

You can sell that slideshow somewhere else but remove Envato logo. That logo can be used for items you sell through Envato. Otherwise it would mean that item is associated with Envato Market, though it is not.

I hope this helps.


ok, thank you, it helps me for sure.

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There’s noting “stylish” in here tbh