Videohive unfair rejection

Hello everyone, I’m saying this as someone new to after effects. A short logo strings I made, the other day were rejected.

The intro I made; Main

While browsing the Videohive site, I saw 2-3 videos similar to mine. why was what I did rejected when they were accepted?

Example ;

VID 1 : [link removed]

VID 2 - [link removed]

VID 3- [link removed]

I’m just wondering why. I’d appreciate it if someone would explain. in this way, I can identify my mistakes and make a Logo Strings according to it. Thanks for help <3

The flame effect in the entrance of the video has nothing to do with the logo formation. In general, the inputs should trigger the creation of the logo. For example, crossing mountains and plains, approaching a logo, or a flame suddenly revealing the logo pufff.

In addition, the products you give mean that this product has been made before and cannot be considered natural.


Thanks for help! I will pay attention to my next projects from now on ^^

Your logo looks similar as tons of others that was already approved before and have sales. Envato always looking for unique design. Try to make something different from other authors. Good luck!