Videohive reviewers what's going on?

Hello. After uploading an item, it was rejected just after 20-30 minutes. Did reviewers even watch it? WHY it was rejected? This is 1 minute background animation. What is wrong with it?

The reason for rejection can be found in the email you received.

@MotionRevolver It is traditional hard reject email. Every day i see on videohive items even with lower quality. But they are approved. I’ve seen also animations with candies, that doesn’t look better but they also approved. I mean i am really upset, because every time i upload something, i don’t know it will be accepted or rejected, because i don’t even know what makes reviewer to reject the item. (By the way, i was sure, this will be accepted) But I just got hard reject email after 30 minutes. That’s all. And all my 1 week work goes to the trash.

It appears your animation is comprised of a couple flat, motionless layers of candy illustrations that slide across the frame. Unfortunately that doesn’t constitute the type of motion graphics we’re looking for.

@MotionRevolver well, candies can’t fly, run, that’s why they are motionless. I will try to make more detailed ground. Thanks for your answers.

That’s your reasoning? :joy: The entire scene you created is a fantasyland, so I’d think anything would be possible for creating motion.

@MotionRevolver That was joke :grin: I was upset with another rejection, but understood which changes i should make

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