Videohive preview problem


Ok , when I click on the play icon (>) it goes full screen, instead of playing in the box as usual ? It’s like this for few days now. I expected to be fixed as it happens before but no luck so far. The only way to make it works like normal is when I click on “Video preview”


Hi Alex,
How are you? :wink:
Everything seems right here which browser I’m using?


That’s odd I have this problem on chrome and IE :S


As it is strange in both, it is true. In my case everything is ok … I just checked on another computer and perfect. We are attentive …


I am using firefox and the problem with the video preview already lasts for days.
When will Envato fix that? Any official statement?


I get that every once in a while. Does look like they’ve changed the player though, in the past few days, so it may be related.


I use the Chrome browser and I have the same problem for a month±