Videohive motion graphic product how to submit ??

I just upload my new product via ftp after i upload… where is submit product buttons???

They have temporarily suspended upload for stock footage and motion graphic.
Here is the update

The Submission-Stop should only be for Stock Footage, not for Motion Graphics.

@Cgitechnology9 Maybe you overlooked one field you have to fill out?

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maybe they have limited creative reviewer …pause for paillin up

The submit button is in the top left, just outside of the screenshot you’ve taken. It says no items ready though, which is usually due to the audio attributes not being filled in… or being filled in but then mysteriously disappearing so you have to fill them in twice.

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I ve uploaded two clips yesterday. Check all the fields are completed properly. Noticed that if you change the item category, some fields may reset and have to be filled again.