VideoHive links now show as "spam" on Pinterest?

I track a lot of my purchased and potential AE templates on private Pinterest boards, but now those pins are gone and trying to add new ones show as potential “spam” links. Anyone heard of this problem?

yes, I had the same problem with Pinterest but now it seems to be solved.
What about your issue, has it been solved?

Yes! All of my V-Hive templates are back on Pinterest thankfully… I also put in a help question via Pin’s system, which got a generic reply that wasn’t responsive at all, but a little while later they were all back so maybe they got a few more notes and changed their Spam filter. Hopefully, they stay up. I have over 300 AE templates on my “potential” board, and would hate to lose that list.

Yes, it was really unexpected to see Pinterest blocked Videohive template posts! And it’s great this bug was finally fixed!