Videohive Item using Photoshop and painting skills...Is it possible ?


Hi, i’m creating a new template in after effects with some special effects on photos.

My problem is that the customer has to paint medium detailed masks and it can’t be automatized.
Of course It can be done with the Paint tools in After Effects but it will be much more easy and precise to do it in Photoshop.

Two questions :

  • Can I sell a videohive template using Photoshop, and show the process in the video preview and tutorial.
  • Can I sell a videohive template that needs some customer art skills, basic painting that can’t be automatized?



I’d say as long as you make it clear that the project is not drag and drop, there should not be a problem.

I would suggest to include one version of your project that may work without any other applications and is pretty much automated, while not being as customized to each photograph then.


Thx for you reply Creattive.

What I’m gonna do is show only the after effects paint process on a simple picture and will explain how to do it better in photoshop in the tutorial only.
I think showing Photoshop in the video preview can afraid customers.

My project can’t work without customization… it’s all based on that.


I was try once similar technique and item was not so popular, even reviewer suggest me to avoid PS. Again if i were you i would ask reviewers for their opinion. Maybe Mark, Tyson or Filips are here around and probably they will see your post.


I think i will just say in the video that you can import your own painting or use after effects tools, customers should understand they should use photoshop for better results.

Thx guys.