Videohive item has been rejected....need help

This is the video link

nice start… but lacks design details and sophistication. It looks like Rio circa 1993. (early PC vector program for you youngins) Do a search for “Corporate Promo” and see your competition… note the details and complexity in many of these projects. Why would someone choose yours over there’s? Important questions to ask. Its a good start but keep building on it.


Thanks a lot @moveNshake for your comments…is there any technical quality satndarrd?
i give AE project file, Video tutorial, Info file.
anything else is there?

Project file, Tutorial and or Help.pdf are all that are required. The preview video is the thing that

gets it accepted for the most part.

sorry, you need the project file … (.zip) and a Help.pdf… not necessarily a video tutorial but it helps.

ok… thank you @moveNshake

Can you please look at this template also…this also hard rejection

this needs to be more dynamic. Consider that you are trying to sell an exciting new app. It is moving on like a slow submarine.

You want an exciting twisting dynamic entry... If you can twist the phone, even better! Think BOLD. :)
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ohhh!! ok thank you so much:blush::blush::blush: