VideoHive: Item Description Markup and Styling options


I am new to envato and about to upload my first item. I’ve seen many Item Descriptions with custome HTML and Styling.

I already found an Editor where I can preview my Item Description:

It all works fine but it seems like I can’t add custome styles via css to my Markup. That’s strange because I’ve seen many Items with custome styles like: font-size, color, margins and paddings… and so on.

Example Item

So my actual question is:
Where can I find information about how far it is possible to customize my items description and what tools are useful. The Envitator seems deprecated to me…

Thanks in Advance


Not all text styling and html formats are allowed in the description.
Most authors are using images to show text in their own preferred size, color and font type.


thanks for your reply. Do you also know if there is any resource where I can find what kind of styles are allowed and what aren’t?