videohive is heavily littered with all kinds of junk videos

It seems to me that the videohive is heavily littered with all kinds of junk videos. For instance - Millions of medical animations and nature rendered in Lumion. And no one is buying it.
Because of these useless videos, it’s diffucult to find something interesting.
So i propose - if the video has not been bought for the whole year it should be deleted.


For Lumion things i would agree that its too much of it. I believe reviewers need to put more effort of thinking how authors manipulate keywords. When some sort of 3D showcase stars and sky and keywords are “Night Sky over NYC” :smiley:
But for video not sure 1y is enough time. I do have some first sales coming even after 1 of upload. These files are kind`a hammer on the shelf. You have it but barely use it more than once in 1-2y. Yet i am sure you keep it just “in case”.


Don’t quote me on this, but I believe there is something similar to this already in place. I don’t know that the items are being removed from the marketplace, but if an item hasn’t sold or generated any interest, I believe those items are not featured quote as prominently in search results.

Again, I don’t have any details, but I’m fairly certain VH is already in the process of trying to give customers better quality options, especially in the search.


25% of my items has no sales. But I don’t want to personal delete them because:

1.Maybe one day a sale will come, and It happend for me to have first sales after 3 years , but rarely.

2.Many of them are downloaded on Elements.

  1. There is a little possibility that unsold items could drive the buyer to other items of mine , like advertising other better looking footage.

Anyway, there is a big issue with the fact that all those unsold items could spam the market for the buyers , so they reach harder my qualitative good selling work.

This is why I’m willing to sacrifice the advantages of having them on to get more professional and to emphasize my qualitative items if Envato will implement a system of autodeletion of poor items without sales for all the authors.