Videohive ... help me...

Hi there ! I decided to study three different Envato store. But he did not accept any of them. How should I do? Thank you in advance for your help …

Sorry, I can’t understand what you need.

Video work was never accepted. after effect project and stock video footage .
I’ve done a lot of research. Now I know how it’s going to be a little bit.
What’s your recommendation?
What can I do to be considered projects?

It’s hard to know what to advise without seeing some of your work. You’re welcome to post your rejected items here so people can provide feedback on them.

You cant be a designer in just 1-2 months studying the marketplaces. It takes time and practice to become a professional.(just with like anything else)

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I’m interested in the fact that you should design for two years.

I’m a new person to envato.

Soon I will send a new year’s-related work.
I will share the link for you.