VideoHive Hard Rejected!

Hello, friends.
Here preview of my item -
Rejected on Openers category.

What do you guys think? Why this item was rejected?

Hey, sorry for the rejection…!

For me, overall it seems too quick and like it doesn’t follow animation principles, such as anticipation. There are no stops in timing to create anticipation, just one continuous movement. You can barely catch what’s transforming into what. Also, the smaller element like those rotating dots, when they rotate so quickly + also their in-between position is changing… it ends up looking like really too much.

Also the bumpers time, 3 seconds? I mean that to me seems way to fast, I can barely catch or realize what’s the bumper all about. Give it at least 5 seconds or so. Also the way the dots abruptly stop moving at the “your channel name” scene. That stuff needs some more easing for sure and this broadly applies to the whole peace. And the text needs animation too, now it seems too simple and static?

Also, the way the dots just “jam in” onto one another so fastly and abruptly at the end of the 3-second bumper… looks really not good, sorry :smiley: Again too fast, no anticipation and over-animated.

6 seconds bumper - same issue with dots animation, and then some are kinda flashing for a moment after disappearing? what? :smiley: seems like a glitch or a mistake. Also the out animation way too fast too.

The only place that looks somewhat polished is the very end scene before the profile pics dots start “speeding in and cramming all together”.

Sorry if I come off as too harsh, but I hope this helps! :slight_smile: :sweat_smile::smile:


Wow, thanks for you time!
I think I can use your advices in the following projects.

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