Videohive hard reject advice: "doesn't bring much new" for unique product?

Thought I’d ask for some collective feedback after being hard rejected, I’m no stranger to hard rejects and probably have a 50% success rate with Videohive but this one was a real surprise.
I think my project is very useful and powerful but maybe the reviewer didn’t understand it? It creates whiteboard style animations from text layers and masks, and although Videohive does have lots of whiteboard animation kits and stock footage, it doesn’t have anything as flexible as this.

The promo video is here:

Let me explain: this is not a “normal” template. It doesn’t actually come with an After Effects composition set up. 99% of this project is actually a custom After Effects script that creates animations / compositions for you. You type in text with text layers, or draw artwork with masks (of course you can copy masks from Illustrator).

Then you press a button and the entire animation is created for you - automatically. The script traces the outlines of all text, all masks, calculates all the mask durations and sequences all keyframes. It will create a write-on animation at any resolution, any duration.

There are people on Videohive selling individually animated fonts for whiteboard animations - this project is WAY more flexible. You can use any font, any text layer, laid out in any style, and the script converts it to a write-on animation. I am not exaggerating when I say that this script can let you do a days work with only a few clicks of a mouse.

Not sure what to do next. This isn’t a conventional After Effects project where the design is subjective. This is mostly a complex After Effects script that does a lot of tedious work automatically. It’s not like I can improve the script - it does what it does. I see value in it, the reviewer did not. I’m not convinced the reviewer really experimented with it or took time to understand what it did. Maybe the promo video doesn’t explain it very well?

The reviewer said it “doesn’t bring much new” - but I disagree. I haven’t seen anything else like it.

What do you all think?

Sorry for rejection,
These kind of projects are not in demand these days as the education these days is done throght online classes. I saw a lot of these ideas of hands draw something or write something. It was better to be a script and sell as an Add on not a template.

Yes, I guess this is not entirely clear to the client. But I don’t think this is the main reason of reject.
As HardEdgeie said: “These kind of projects are not in demand these days”
It really looks outdated. This style was popular ≈ in 2012.
I can say the same thing about fonts. Some of them look outdated.
Whatever the project is useful, the presentation plays a very important role. Presentation should “force” the client to buy your project. It should be tasty. But your presentation is a little inaccurate, there are problems with typography, sometimes the text blocks are too large, sometimes they are too close to the edge. “AutoWhiteboard” screenshot quality too low. The shadow on the hands is very sharp. It looks as if the hands were photographed not under professional lighting, but on the street or under the table lamp. Song, also brings me back to 2012. Textures too.
Who knows. Maybe if you make the project and presentation more modern, it will be accepted by the moderators

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