VideoHive Free File of the Month nominations January 2017

Please use this thread to nominate one of your items to be January’s free file of the month.

What’s the process?

In this thread, post a message with a link to your item (you must be logged in as the author of the item) and we’ll add it to the list. One file from this list will be selected to be January’s free file for VideoHive, promoted on the VideoHive homepage and via email to our customers.

Who can nominate an item?

Only the creator of the item can nominate it for Free File of the Month. Simply put, you can ask and plead all you want, but unless the author of the item decides to nominate it, you won’t get anywhere. Luckily, we’ve got a great community of authors who like to give!

Criteria for Selection

In order for a file to be considered as a Free File of the Month for any Marketplace the file must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be the author of the file you’re submitting.
  • The file must be rated 4 stars or higher.

What if I want to withdraw my nomination?

If you’ve changed your mind, simply flag your nomination comment and let us know that you want to withdraw your item from consideration.

Any other questions?

We will keep this thread clear of everything but the nominations themselves, so if you’ve got any related questions, start your own forum thread, or drop us a line via Support.

Please note that Free Files of the Month will be chosen at the discretion of the Reviewers & Free File Team, and not the order in which they were submitted.

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259 SALES,
4.74 average based on 23 ratings

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“Happy to share my file…”

Background loops HD1080 (1920X1080)

Hi! My nomination - Trailer -

4.67 stars average based on 3 ratings.
30 Sales.

Thank you.

Wow, just got a new badge “Freebie: contributed a free file of the month”

Thank you for selection!!! :smiley:
Happy Holidays!!!

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