Videohive Exclusive

I have a question about exclusivity, I have a motion graphics made in 3d program, let’s say it has a duration of 5 seconds with 3840x2160 resolution, and has 150 frames, can I render one of these frame in my scene with same or bigger resolution and sell outside of Envato on photostocks, this rules breach or not? Or let’s say I change the position of the camera a little, so that frame is not identical now but still looks similar, will it also be a rules breach or not?

Thanks, I got answer from Envato Author Support!

Could you please share it with the community?
Thank you.

From Envato Author Support.

“Thanks for your email, I understand what you are asking.
Under a newly refined exclusivity rules, this would be classed as the family product and so must also be sold exclusively with us.”