[VideoHive] Envato Review Times

4 days :smile:

Its five days for me :smile:

5 days too

4 Days For Motion Graphic Element

18 days for Stock Footage

6 days including weekend for AE project

11 days in Stock Footage category

6 days now too, holiday season for reviewers?

looks like all reviewers are on holiday. only 2 new ae projects in last 3 days…

7 days approve

Last stock footage project took 18 days and got hard rejected. Obviously feeling a bit pissed. Taking a break from uploading.

AE project submitted 7 days ago, still not approved.

5 Days and Hard Reject. After Effects Project.

5 days, still waiting. AE template.

16 days waiting in the queue for the Stock footage :frowning:

Few items 10 days still in queue for motion graphics.

7 days for AE project

17 or 18 days for the stock footage :dizzy_face:

Nothing changes :confused:

17/18 days for SF. :sleeping: