[VideoHive] Envato Review Times

How many business days though… one?

Umm okay but how many business days it will take to review?

‘As long as it takes’ is the most accurate answer unfortunately. The complexity of the items in the queue, the number of resubmitted soft rejections and the number of people editing items that require review will all affect the time. Add to that the number of reviewers that are off sick, on annual leave, are taking time off for training etc… it’s hard to put an exact timescale on how long it will take.

This should give you a rough idea though, keeping in mind that items are very rarely reviewed at the weekend…


So if it’s an After Effects item, then I’d say you’ll be lucky to get it reviewed today, tomorrow is the most likely outcome, and you’ll be unlucky if it gets reviewed Wednesday or Thursday.

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Ok, and what number is an incorrect one? Perhaps I need to wait couple more months, same as many people here. :frowning:

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None of the numbers are incorrect. That page shows the average number of days that an item has taken to get reviewed… with that number being generated from all the data over the last seven days. If you take the changes to the review process into account…


…then it’s understandable why the current number of days may not reflect what you’re experiencing. The TLDR version is that if you submit too many files that get rejected, all of your files in the queue will get rejected too. You may have uploaded those one day ago, one week ago, or one month ago. So items that haven’t been in the queue long are skewing the results to the shorter end of the scale.

Thanks for explaining it so well!
Too bad this counter doesn’t mean a lot now. 'Cause I’ve just started to feel optimistic about going back to upload of some videos after a looong time… :sweat:

Hi All,

How is everything here?

Since the average of turnaround time is going down, I’m trying to upload bunch of new footage after 2 years break. :slight_smile:

As I understood from this and other threads it’s not really gona be as short as 37 days - as stated at http://quality.market.envato.com/videohive today.

I’m waiting for 1 month yet and still optimistic to hope seing it processed soon (or little bit later).

Cheers and good luck to all ! :slight_smile:

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As of today it says average is 28 days for stock footage review. As fas as I understood the review process and basic math, real review time shall not be most probablty longer than double of it which is 56 days. :slight_smile:

3 days & 14 hours (with the weekend) for After Effects category

We all know that Envato is making our life harder with many things. I have the same huge problem with waiting for approval and so on… but today they really crossed the boundaries.
I had my ~10 files (stock footage) approved and I saw that I made a small mistake in the item title. So I went ahead, edited the element and changed the name… And all those files were rejected, because:

We’ve recently updated the watermark overlay required for Stock Footage and Motion Graphics preview videos. Follow the link below to download the new Envato watermark, found under the “Videohive” category, and please use this new watermark file on all future submissions and item updates: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203269610-Watermarking-Files

Also, they removed everything, even the main files… So I don’t have any idea what files is that… I’m super confused. I’m wondering if anyone from Envato could help me with that.

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The only thing you need to do is download the new Envato watermark (from the link provided in the email), apply the new watermark to your preview videos, and resubmit only the preview video files. There’s no need to resubmit all files again.

Hi MotionRevolver. I know the drill. I used to do it many times. But in this case, I don’t have any files connected with my items. Also I don’t see them in the “hidden” part of the portfolio.

@CineGeek Are those 10 items still in your portfolio? If they were previously approved, and then your updates were rejected because of the watermark, they should still be active in your marketplace portfolio.

If that’s the case, you should be able to simply submit a new preview video with new watermark to the approved item.

However, if those 10 approved items have somehow gone missing from your active portfolio, let me know.

@MotionRevolver That’s exactly what happened, there must be some glitch because they are gone.

@CineGeek and in the rejection email, there isn’t a link to resubmit files back to the item? From the email, are you able to determine if these files were soft-rejected, or hard-rejected?

got an item approved in 2 days in late March, so as far as the After Effects cateogory goes, I think it has seen a clear improvement.

Manual watermarking process is dissapointing.

I was very happy that it’s not required anymore to do manually video preview, tumbnail, and preview picture just was using ftp to upload MOV files and web form to write titles, tags, etc. Much more easy to use than previously.

But one of my item got soft reject with the recommendation to change title.
Ok, it’s seams easy but, I can’t change just the title, I need to download new watermark and make preview video manually to be able to change the title as per reviewer request. :frowning:

Why I’m responsible for the wrong outdated watermark at all, if it was aplied automatically when I uploaded files about two month ago? :slight_smile:

Item “21401985” if somebody from Envato is willing to help.

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The new Envato watermark was released on March 14, so anything submitted to the queue via Loading Bay prior to March 14 will be approved with the old Videohive watermark – UNLESS – there is as separate issue that needs to be addressed, such as title, description, etc.

In this case, since your item’s title needed to be fixed, we’re also asking you to help us out by updating the preview with the new watermark.

We realize this may be a temporary inconvenience, but once all the pre-March 14 files have cleared, this will no longer be an issue.

Ok, understood. I’ll fix the preview.
Thank you for reply!

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