[VideoHive] Envato Review Times

I’m not sure this ‘weekends don’t count’ thing is real. I think the reason it came about is that stuff usually doesn’t get reviewed on a weekend… so if the expected day of review is a Saturday, then it will probably end up being reviewed on a Monday. I think some wires got crossed along the way and that translated into people thinking that weekends don’t count when it comes to the stated amount of time for review.

I mean, surely they’d say if that was the case? They do go to the trouble of clarifying that “Times are indicative only, based on the average wait time for each site over the last 7 days” so you think they’d include a line about weekdays if that was the case. So yeah, I’m pretty sure that the number of days is the actual number of days, and not the number of weekdays.

Has anybody got anything in the queue that’s been there for seven months? Has anybody got anything that was reviewed after 140 days, when they queue was showing as 100 days? Can @MarkBrodhuber maybe clarify?

it´s serious??? 4 mounths :triumph:

no my friend , more than five months, 157days or more

When did you upload your timelapse?

i don´t know exactly day :frowning:

It is very sad. The viewing time is constantly increasing. Date 20.02 - the date when the footage was sent to

So that’s 156 days, queue is at 157 days average over the last seven days… if that one doesn’t get reviewed in the next few days (prior to the weekend) then I’ll be surprised.

Already 13 days for AE templates and still waiting. And from this page http://quality.market.envato.com/videohive disappeared Add-ons and Cinema 4D categories.

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Apologies for the slowdown regarding AE review times. It’s the usual yearly issue of being short-staffed in the summer. We should be back to our typical 4-7 days within a couple of weeks.

Thanks for your patience!


thats good to hear

13 days for my ae project

Please read my note above.


Sorry i didn’t see it
All thanks to you for your reply

We will be surprised together … The week has passed, Files are not considered.

Your comments on stock footage review? It’s okay, your comments as an author, not as a team member. (psst, don’t worry I want tell collis :D)

Lol yeah, I know. Honestly I wish there was something I could do about it but I don’t review stock footage anymore :frowning:

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Thanks, that is useful.

6 month! :open_mouth:!:no_mouth::sob:

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