Videohive Discord group

Is there any whatsapp or discord group for videohive creator share their work in progress for critique?

Why is this forum not suitable for you? This is where people ask for reviews before submitting items, or after rejecting items.

I guess I am just not used to it yet.

Can I upload videos here? or only links?

You can upload it on YouTube and post a link here

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These forums don’t have a true freedom of speech.
That’s why.
What is the difference from having the CCP own the Chinese Media ?
Envato owns these forums and controls everything that gets discussed here.

Is that not a good enough reason?


I don’t understand what you’re talking about. If you want to know why your project was rejected, or you want to ask if your product is good enough to be approved in the market, then this is a good place to ask this question here.
“true freedom of speech”, “Envato controls everything that gets discussed here”…
W h a t ?
Envato does not interfere in such cases “share work in progress for critique”. What are you talking about? Perhaps the Reptilians told you this? :wink:

did you see them too???

so maybe you’re just not meant to understand?

No. The reason is that I have never understood statements devoid of any meaning :man_shrugging:

Well, I agree that you can’t share other marketplaces websites, you can’t promote your work, and obviously can’t personally attack other authors or use “explicit” language :smiley: And if you leave some very critical insulting remark about Envato teams work, CEO decisions, etc, there’s a chance they might read it. Will it affect you in some way? Can’t tell, but hopefully, it shouldn’t. But still it’s a good idea to be a decent human being regardless.

So yeah maybe a discord server would be fun… But there was already an attempt to have a Envato “slack” channel, which is kinda dead. So I guess if you want to interact with Envato community outside of Envato right now, the best places are VK social network’s Russian groups. They seem the most active besides the forums here.


From what I see discord let you upload files in a much more easier way for others to critique right away. You have even the ability to talk to each other real time. But I guess this forum has been working for this comunity for a long time and people are used to it. I did not wanted to start a fight over it but I agree that a place where people can talk about template creation in general independent of a single marketshare would be good for everyone (even for envato) and easier for newbies to find and be encouraged.