Videohive authors



Hello everybody, I have a question for you
Could you tell me how can I know about videohive authors use my item if he didn’t tell me anything?


You could go to Videohive and make a search for your author name.


Hi, Hyperprod. Sorry for disturb but could you tell me how to make a proper search? Thanks in advance!


I’m looking for the tracks that are used by the authors VideoHive through YouTube and Google search. It is much more efficient. Beat in the search box to link to your music file, or a file name and nickname.


Go to and type in your name in the search. Or do what @MaxRazumov suggests. :slight_smile:


You can also try to find name of your track in Videohive search!)


Thanks a lot guys. Didn’t think it would be that easy!


On page VideoHive in 50% of cases you will not find your track, as the authors point out to you in the form of hyperlinks, attached to the name, rather than a direct link to your file. In any case, it happens to me. The easiest way is to find your file through a global search in Google or on YouTube. Writes in his search for the file name and nickname, or a direct link to the file. But first of all all the same should look for your file on the VideoHive page )))


thank you guys, this is useful information for me too


I Now try thanks :smile: )


Hey, can you help me please?
How can I place the video with my music from videohive on my profile page?


This is done in the same way as the design of the page is made - through html. That is, by hand. Long described - read the forum, there is information on this.


Thank you guys,really helpful advices!