Video Uploader - Wordpress

Hi there,

I have used Contact Form 7 to get users to upload videos to a wordpress website however the plugin only allows videos under 5mb’s to upload.

Can anyone recommend a plugin to allow users to upload videos of any size to be sent to admin?

Thank you

Hi kaveshanchetty

OK, there are a couple problems here - firstly a lot of hosts have ‘maximum’ upload sizes in ‘one go’ e.g. some are 8Mb the other is that being a php script (Wordpress) your hosts will also almost certainly a time out function.

What you can do is ‘chunk’ the upload which means that after a file is selected is id ‘split’ into many ‘chunks’ say 1Mb then reassembled into the ‘full’ size file after all the ‘chunks’ are uploaded.

Now I’m not sure if Contact7 allows for chunking, but I am sure there are other plugins out there that do - if not I’d be very surprised.

A highly rated WP plugin is [](http://Advanced uploader) but I don’t know much about what other info you want to ‘save’ upload via your current Contact7 form

Hope helps

Thank you so much for you response. :slight_smile:

I am only using contact form 7 to gain details from the user and acceptance of the T&C’s before they upload a video.

That pretty much sums up why i require the contact form. If you have an alternate to this, I would truly appreciate it.

Hi kaveshanchetty

If you have an alternate to this, I would truly appreciate it.

Might have, what is your URL? so I can take look

Yeah sure…

We are trying to mimic

Hi kaveshanchetty - OK, got both. Can see what you want to do NP. I can recreate the form and test on a WPress installation if you want - but you will also need some form of ‘admin’ section no? to view who has uploaded etc.

Thats correct as we would require the ability to download the video or delete it from the server…

Is there a plugin for this?

TBH I honestly don’t know I assume there must be but I am not really a WP person