Video that is hidden under "play" icon opens up when clicked on

Hello everyone!

I have an issue with my web. Basically I want to create a row with my background. Then split it into two columns, in the right one I would put some random text like “click here…” and in the left one I would like to place “play” icon and when you click on it the video with size that I can change will pop out in the row not in the lightbox.

I was struggling with it all day yesterday trying different scripts but it only almost worked when I’ve used YT video. The thing is I want to use video that I have already uploaded on my Wordpress website.

The image with an example shown below.

Please help if you can

Hmmm I think it will be difficult to give general advice from this vantage point as it will depend upon what theme you’re running.

First port of call would be to reach out to the Theme Author to see if they can give some guidance. .