Video Submission Check Boxes ghosted

Hello everyone,

I am expanding my footprint on Envanto and adding some of my videos to Videohive. I have had a few issues.

  1. When using CSV application the videos automatically get submitted without the ability to double check tags, or whatever. I think that is more of a technical issue VH needs to fix. Authors should be given the final “submission” green light, not automation.

  2. This one bothers me. I uploaded two videos (pro res) and manually entered the tags. No release required. The system says “ready to submit” so I hit “next”. When I do that the videos check boxes to check and submit are ghosted. Really not sure if this is a technical issue or I am missing something. The check box at the bottom assuring that this is my work is checked. I added an attachment of the screen that is ghosted.

Any thoughts?



I can see on your screenshot that you have 0 submissions remaining, so that s why they are greyed out I guess.

You are limited in some categories to how many items you can submit in a week, or a month or so.

A Stock Footage author can give you more info here than me.