Video Preview will not play

Howdy… After years of using the site with no problems, today I can’t click on any previews. A box pops up for 1/4 second that says ‘skin file not valid’ or something, and then closes… No previews will play for me. This is in Chrome Version 45.0.2454.99 (64-bit) on Mac running Yosemite…

Can you helpt?

It’s the new self-closing window feature! :smiley: joking

Same problem for me on Chrome. It started a few minutes ago…

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same here I can’t play any preview

Try this workaround: right click on the preview image and copy the link url, paste it in the browser address bar, it should work

I am having problems with the review as well on Safari. So far no luck!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the heads up, our Dev Team are currently looking into this :smile:


awesome - im glad im not the only one

i can not see previewss. envatoo!!! what is going on!

In Safari Mac OS X preview not working also, the worst thing is weekend that is upon us

Just noticed this as well… videos now say JW Player in the top right corner…