Video Player Wordpress

hi everyone, I’m looking for a video player for wordpress.

the video player that courses must have these characteristics:

  • video quality (cam.360,720,1080)
  • Chromecasts
  • compatible with ios, android, all browsers, smart tv and tv box
  • video bookmark

I’m waiting for your answer is good news.



there is lots of video player for wordpress spending some time to find out your chosen one.


I spent my time. but I can not find anything with these features

For what I have discovered when I was looking for a solution on my own website, hosting videos directly on the website is not a good idea.
I opened a paid account in Vimeo for my videos. It is the best way I found to ensure the videos can by seen by everybody no problem and to allow me to have videos that can be viewed only from the paid section of my website (paid courses). Vimeo provides a code that you put directly in your page and it plays the videos directly on your website, with no mention of Vimeo or redirection. You can also choose if the videos can be downloaded or not and there are many other custom options.
I have been using this for more than three years, it works great! I believe it is the best option for videos.
Example of how I do it in the public part of my site here (about birds, I don’t sell programming services) :

I found something similar to what you asked

Let try Elementor, a very powerful, rich Plugin for Wordpress which allows to create everything on a Wordpress website.

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