Video material for Youtube

Hi. please tell me
When AudioJungle 's author upload own tracks to Youtube for sales promotion, is there video or image materials that I can use for free?
I feel I’ve read somewhere(in envato) that is about some materials with AudioJungle 's logo that I can use for free. I am sorry if I misunderstood.

you can use your own image or logo from AJ.

1 Like - all CC0 copyright free stuff. Very high quality and they have good video material too.

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Thank you for your kind response.

Perhaps when I created an envato account I feel like I saw a description like “You can use these images when you upload your track to Youtube.” I should’ve noted the URL :scream:

You gave me a nice tip. Thank you. The images of this site are really high quality. It is enough to use these.

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Two more sites with wonderful free images:

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Thank you dear. I understood that other authors are using images from external sites.

Does anyone know the explanation page in envato which suggests about images when posting on Youtube?

I guess you should look for the explanation page not on the Envato. I guess you should look for the explanation page on the YouTube.

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