Video in Photoshop



I have recently discovered a cool little niche for my GR portfolio: Videos, Gifs and other animated templates, that are done only in photoshop. I’ve already posted several templates, with some new ones that are being reviewed and the feedback is great. I had no idea how powerful Video design capabilities of Photoshop are. After some first, shy attempts, now I’m submitting a full blown PS made video slideshows with grunge overlays, animated particles and more effects. For an average user it will be as easy as always - open, insert images, save, export. I have just created a demo page HERE (where I’ll link to my GR item once it gets approved). I have to admit, it’s quite impressive to see those animations that I would usually do in After Effects. since AE libraries are packed and crowded and not many people even have AE, I’ve kinda decided to try the same in Photoshop. And the PSD file is only 5Mb!:slight_smile:
So, this is not a big tip or trick, but I think it helps in realizing that Photoshop is actually much much more than we all think and the possibilities are really endless. Oh and one more thing (if I may) - Posters are kinda dead, so doing posters is a waste of time lately. Most people want something else, different and versatile. That’s where my videos from photoshop come handy, when used as video backgrounds in wordpress, or as looped gifs on Facebook…