Video formats for Stock videos...I need them to be in WebM and MP4 formats


Hello all.

I am about ready to get the annual subscription for Elements but had two questions:

1.) The videos that are included in the Elements, are they downloadable in both WebM and MP4 formats…?? I ask as the theme that I am using needs them to be in those two formats before I can use them on the site.

2.) I am presuming not all the WordPress themes on themeforest are included in this subscription. Only some of the themes that are in Elements are downloadable, correct…???

Thanks in advance.



The videos will be available in MP4 format but I’m sure you can use a converting program to convert to WebM.

And yes all the WordPress themes on ThemeForest are not available on Elements. But there are a lot to choose from already with more coming all the time :smiley:


Appreciate the response.

Do you know of any convertor programs that I can use…??? Preferably free ones…?? :slight_smile:


I think you may be able to do with with VLC. There’s probably instructions on Google.