Video Footages review

Hello. Last time I have send for review 150+ footages, and only 30 was approved. In this 30 approved video was not edited videos, Original files. So, what are you thinking, it’s better to send footages without editing or make color grading and after that sand to the curator? Thanks

Here is videhive review time

@unlockdesign He asks something completely different. Not about review time

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Stock Footage should always be color corrected to appear as a finished product, but never “overly stylized” such as tinted or desaturated to black and white. Overly stylized footage typically isn’t accepted, since it reduces the flexibility and utility for the end user.

The general idea is that the customer will apply effects to the footage to meet their needs, so it’s best to provide a good looking, blank slate for customers to work from.


Great! Thank You