Video files - re-named


I’m trying to find help or a workaround on an issue I’m having.
At the moment I’m working on a video edit which consists only of stock footage. In order to make this video I researched stock and downloaded around 300 preview clips. I did this two weeks ago. I made my edit with the preview clips - client is satisfied and now I have to replace the clips with the high-res footage.

Now for some reason many clip names (the numbers) have changed. And on top of that they have been removed from my favorites or collections. In order for me to start searching for all these clips again is going to take a long time. Now after finding some clips again I did a new search on these clip-names and found out that the name of the preview files could not be found. example file “15884282.mp4”. In any other stock video site this clip name will lead you to the page where you can buy the clip. It’s logical and a necessity for video editors.

So for any one working with stock footage - The only way is to save the title of your clip after each preview download. The original clip file name is useless. Or does anyone have a workaround?
You know, this sucks big time. After asking the help center they said they couldn’t help and suggested I post this on a forum.

I hope someone has suggestions.