video effects

How can I find video effects like in this video?
I need all sorts of such special effects. How can I find them on your website?

здравствуйте.как мне найти и скачать разные эффкты, как например в этом видео ? мне нужны всякие такие спецэффекты.как мне их найти?

Depends on which software you are using for create video, you have different templates here for this effect to me simplest software is Camtasia…

I use ADOBE PREMIERE PRO.By your link, I do not see specific effects that are in the video example. I only see the general search. I tried to search.

Effects like these can be created in Adobe After Effects. It is hard to find all these animations / in one pack. From what I saw many of these effects are done using particles in AE. You can buy multiple items from here