Video Editors - Market Research (and saying hi as well! :) )


Hi Everyone!

I was hoping you can help me with a bit of market research I conducting.

I’d like to understand the process video editors go through while working on a job for a client.

So here is a question:

  1. Who is choosing a track, you or your client?

If it’s you, I’d like to pick your brains for a minute.Setting aside quality, please tell me some other things you take into consideration when picking a track?

I’m hoping to see a conversation develop here that would allow both me and other members to have a better understanding of your process and to ultimately do a better job of creating music. Please respond as I have some other, more pointed and concrete questions I would like to ask!

Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!



Hi Mark,
I dont use the AJ too much past time. Before there wasnt so many tracks, and if I get a look twice a week, it was enough to have some control on new files. I used to add the favorites to some collections, and when needed I was searching there. But I didnt work on many projects using Aj.

For couple of years I was working as trailer editor on national tv self promo section, where we had some quite big online library, and here the same principle was applied - searching selection by genre, mood, instruments and length, but while searching for something, I was adding good tracks to my selections, and using them later.

Determine who and how - Im not sure is possible to generalize, it sure depends on kind of project and client.

Of course the big heads are probably too lazy to go across milion of files, so probably they say “we want something like michael jackson’s thriller” and than editor with bloody eyes is searching for three nights, after that comes with some great tracks he liked but have nothing to do with original request :smile:

Not sure if it helps, but at least keeps the thread alive :slight_smile:



Of course it helps. Your search process and that bit about favoriting tracks tells me quite a lot actually.

I know that a lot of video editors fuss about the technicalities, how to fit the track, how to loop it etc.

I am trying to figure out is there anything intangible that computes as well, like the feelings that a track evokes and stirrs. Do editors even consider it if it’s not mentioned in a brief?

Any thoughts on that? Anyone?

And thanks for participating :wink:



Yes, with my pleasure. Im a bit worry that there’s not a lot of editors here on forums…


I’ll usually search for a selection and offer up half a dozen suitable tracks for them to choose from. If none are quite right then I’ll get them to clarify which is their favorite, which is their least favorite and any other specific things they like/don;t like so I can narrow down the search. If they’re not keen on the second batch then I’ll probably just send them a link where to look and leave them to it!


That seems like a sensible approach :slight_smile: Thank you both for your help.

So to underline, video editors rarely take on the creative responsibily for a track, it ultimately falls down to the client to make an executive decision.

Do others have similar experiences? Do you also supply the clients with samples but in the end point them to an audio library where they can choose for themselves?