Video downloaded is not working

Hey! I am new here… I bought a 1 month subscription on envato element and came across with this videos by videohive. downloaded it and turned out the videos were not working. (titles: sunset on desert, camels on the desert) so i just ignored it tried to search a website of videohive and came to envato market. i tried to search for the same videos and bought one @ $19. it turned out its the same file and still i had nothing. anyone here can help me or guide me. maybe i did a mistake in the download or need to covert the video for it to work.


you can check this helpful reply from @MarkBrodhuber

Hope will help you.


Thanks for the response.I will try that and give feedback later… for I have some other stuff to do. But I have a quick question. shouldn’t it play on Adobe premier without the quicktime player?

I just did it and it worked well. Thanks for the big help