Video codecs and the benefits of HEVC

I’m interested to know if anyone else has experience using HEVC (H.265) as a codec for their videos?
It has been incorporated in Adobe CC and from initial tests I can say it does everything it promises i.e. Compresses video to half the file size for the same quality as a H.264 encode or to the same file size at twice the quality.

Playing it on a HDTV it delivers the same results as a Blu-ray at half the bit rate (20 mbps compared to 40 mbps). I have also found it to encode files in half the time it takes to encode the same file at the same settings for a H.264 encode.

Anyone else interested in seeing this as a compression format for download on Videohive? Anyone know of any downsides to the codec?

I think until it’s incorporated into Quicktime as standard, it won’t have the installed base. As far as I’m aware, Quicktime is still the industry standard for film and video.

It’s still to early for that , h265 doesn’t work everywhere and you need a good computer to read it.
But yes it’s the future, great codec.

Good point! It is annoying that it does not work with QuickTime.

Even though it has limited support at the moment I think there are still advantages to using the codec where it is supported. It looks great on HDTVs that support it and works with some video hosting sites.