Video add to custom in Video Pro x or Power Director 365


I have Magix Video Pro X and Power Director 365 with Wim 10 Pro.

Would like to use some templates where I can substitute my images, text music etc.

What categories would I need to look in. I see After Effects but not sure if they would work in my programs.



Both Magix Video Pro X and Power Director 365 have their own built-in templates that you can use to create your videos. You can find these templates in the software itself by navigating to the “Templates” or “Effects” section.

If you are looking for additional templates that you can use with your software, there are many options available online. You can search for templates based on the type of video you want to create, such as wedding videos, corporate videos, or social media videos. You can also search for templates based on the style you want, such as modern, vintage, or cinematic.

In terms of compatibility with your software, it’s important to check the file format and requirements of the templates you are interested in using. After Effects templates, for example, are typically designed for use with Adobe After Effects and may not be compatible with your software.

To ensure compatibility, look for templates specifically designed for use with Magix Video Pro X or Power Director 365. Many online marketplaces, such as Envato Elements and Motion Array, offer templates specifically designed for a variety of video editing software.

Overall, the key categories to look for when searching for video templates are:

  1. Type of video (wedding, corporate, social media, etc.)
  2. Style (modern, vintage, cinematic, etc.)
  3. Compatibility with your specific video editing software (Magix Video Pro X or Power Director 365)

Many thanks… Great help


I’m still looking but as VPX and Power D aren’t mentioned here would the Premier Pro be compatible and Final Cut. I have usd both before with files we have had on both VPX and PD.

What my concern I guess is the transparency part of it so I can insert my own images etc for a short music concert promo…

I appreciate the help and love your templates.

Both Premiere Pro and Final Cut are professional-grade video editing software that can handle a wide range of video file formats, including those created in VPX and Power D. So if you have used these programs before with files created in those formats, you should be able to use them again with those same files.

In terms of transparency, both Premiere Pro and Final Cut support alpha channels, which allow for transparency in video clips. You can import your own images with transparent backgrounds into your project and overlay them on top of your video footage.

If you’re looking for templates for Premiere Pro or Final Cut, there are many resources available online, including marketplaces like Envato Elements and VideoHive, which offer a wide range of professionally-designed templates for various types of video projects.

Many thanks again.