Vice2 not working - every click is black

i bought a theme (Vice2 - Quantum) but every time i click on something like the menu or a photo, it becomes black and i cannot go back. I need to refresh the page (modular) but this continues every time.
What is going wrong? Website is

Sounds like a theme bug, you should contact the theme author for the free bug fix.

Hi get in touch with @QantumThemes they will help!

Hello Filippo, Igor here from QantumThemes.
I just checked your domain in our registry and is not associated with any purchase code from Envato.

For technical support you can contact us through our helpdesk:

or from our author page using the form on the right:

We can attend you also in Italian.
Best regards

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I see you already contacted our helpdesk, will reply there, thanks!