I wonder if anyone bought this: viatours-travel-tour-agency-html-template/48686514 and what is the feed back? is there any demo to show everything about it?
what is the checkout page is about and i hope it doesn’t have the confusing cart!

the name it self is attractive but need a demo please to see everything about it!
thank you,

Link is on the item page

Remember this is a HTML template so the commerce/shopping functionality will not be functional.

Am not a web developer… is it a single page template or a full site plugin???
I just want to confirm that it got all I needed before proceeding with the purchase!
Am not involving a web developer yet because I already got 3 plugins which is not fulfilling my needs!!!
I can’t find a video or a full demo to show all from trips listing and their fillers , trips quick description, trip itinerary, location on maps, gallery, pricing to checkout.
Please if you may

The link above shows a demo of the item and any pages etc…

Again, if you are not a developer - this is only a HTML template so functionality like searching for trips, purchasing items etc. will not work without editing it to include the necessary CMS or commerce platform etc.

thank you for your response.

what type of CMS or ecommerce platforms you are talking about?
will WooCommerce or WordPress plugin do the job? i have a WordPress based website; will Viatours HTML template be compatible and function properly with it?
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No this is a html template. It won’t work with WordPress

thank you for your quick response.
i can understand that this template is for front end and what i am wanting is both the front and the back end including a admin panel which will allow me to do each and everything including all features and checkout!
do you have that?
thank you

Just look at WP themes for travel booking Travel Booking WordPress Themes | ThemeForest

thank you for your kind advise … i appreciate it!
this html template is not suitable for businesses receiving on line payment … its Laravel and it can be easily hacked. I wish you got it on WP … i will be happy to pay for it as it got all i need exactly and i felt its made for me!