VH and AJ collaboration, how ? who decide ?

I’ve few tracks uploaded for review.
All of them contains AJ watermarked audio, downloaded as preview file.

For all files I got soft rejection with asking to remove Audio from my Video files, and description about new watermark rules. I put new watermark to my files and upload again. (why again, because Edit button upload is not work properly, FTP also is not working).

But I got a message
“We will accept Footage with audio included if the audio is applicable to what’s being displayed in the video and it was captured well enough that it’s clear and adds value to the footage at hand. Please remove the audio track from your footage and resubmit.”

So please, explaine me, who decide which audio is applicable for video tracks? Romanian reviewers ? or video author ?

And yes, We spoke alot about VH and AJ collaboration on EnvatoWorldwide2019 …
How to collaborate ?

Я серйозно питаю, хто вирішує, який трек використати, якого Аудіо автора промоутити ? Автор відео чи незрозуміло хто ?

Let me understand please.
Video file is here

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Підтримую! Абсолютно не розумію, чому рев"юер в даному випадку так себе повів. Хороше відео, підходящий трек. Можливо натиснув не на ту кнопку? :grin:

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Hey SinCabeza,

I just checked out the most recent rejection you received with this error message… The problem is not with the preview video that contains the AudioJungle track. The issue is that you also put the AJ track over your main video, so if the file were to be accepted, you would effectively be redistributing the audio author’s work, and customers would have to go through the effort of removing the audio before they can use your footage.

Our system does not yet support an easy way of uploading your main file to be automatically encoded into a preview video, while adding music to just the preview. So what you would need to do is upload the footage without audio, let the system do the conversion and then after approval you can edit the item and upload a custom preview video that you make yourself with the AJ track laid over the top.


thanks for this info.

will fix now

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No problem :slight_smile:


as I mentioned before, when you Edit your Item and upload any new file - you will get an Error message at the end of upload.
FTP upload also is not working.

So I think all footage preview better to be without any audio, and we can forget about any collaboration of VH with AJ.

Всем удачи в продажах!

It’s pretty easy :wink: I use FileZilla

guess what?
me either …