Vestige Museum Theme Gallery Question

We are using the Vestige Museum theme for our website:
I am trying to build a basic gallery page for our events photos. I named it Gallery and later learned that the slug gallery produces an archive-like list of posts/galleries and the header of the page is always “Blog”. And that the only way around that is to change the slug to something else.

My questions:

1- I wouldn’t mind naming the page “Photos” for example and, then, will have control over the page header. But, I won’t be able to have all my galleries listed there. I will have to use 3rd party gallery plugins and build them there via page builder or something. So, is there a way to list the galleries that come with the theme in a page that is entitled Photos or anything else?

2- Is there a way to change the page header from Blog to something else? The posts blog has the header Blog and we do not want another page called Blog. Even if it is the archives, it shouldn’t be called Blog by default in all cases, right?

Thanks in advance for your help!


The best way to get the answer is Contact your purchased theme Author. Contact Author and let them know.


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Thank you. I will give that a try.