Vestige Museum Gallery / Galleries

Hello - I created a site for a small museum and I would like to use the Museum theme gallery widget. The museum has a general “Explore the Collections” page, which leads you to choose from the five collections. For each of the five collections, there are roughly 10-20 artifacts in each, and I would like to use the Museum gallery widget on each of those five pages. When I create a gallery and then add that gallery to say, Collection 1’s page for example, the widget does not allow me to choose which specific gallery that I want to display. It only allows me to choose “all, 3, 5, etc…” galleries to display, but not the ones I want.

Basically, I’d like to choose which artifacts I want displayed within each specific collection. HELP!



best practice is to contact the author of the theme in order to get the right answer.

Here you are how to contact an author: