Very strange template for the site in today's newsletter.


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Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

*. May be he purchase that took this account form other person who sold/transfer his account.
*. Yes he is Elite Author. cause it was elite author account there is the reason he get this account.

If his item has not necessary content that he explain you can refund or send him dispute view Envato help team
or he will received low rating.



I wrote in support, but today is the day of release 5 version)) not up to us))
and wrote the authors, please read the documentation
Unsubscribe, if given)


If your task isn’t documentation then you can ask for support from author or open a refund request here

But Envato Customer have refund policy here

Or you can give him a low rating then they will interested to support well try & let us know about that

if they are not able to provide support they you can ask for refund this is your rights


I know)))) I’m just interested to envato was only the best suppliers and support))):hugs:


Yah That’s true Envato Is best suppliers and providing best support all over the world.
you always welcome here. :slight_smile:




Good afternoon thanks.
I wrote to the guys, the guys dropped the link to the documentation.
Hi Alex,
Good afternoon!
You can find the online documentation here:
We’re also preparing a video for setting up Ave under 1 minute. Hope you like it!
Cheers, LiquidThemes
To be honest, the documentation is bad.
I would like to praise you, but really, it cannot of course be compared with the Avada documentation
and even the topic documentation
which I bought is -
better at least 10 times.
But nevertheless, there is documentation.
In addition, the guys wrote that they WORK above the video on setting up a theme, but if you go to the topic page, you will certainly see that they use the usual image of the video playback button (which does not work) in the templates for sale.
I rate this as some if not strong, but fraud.
Also in the description on the sale page, dozens of features of the topic are listed as links, but all these links lead to one page.
(You want to read about the video editor, and someone about their calendar, but you still get on 1 and the same page. This is also not fair)
And finally, right now it’s written that the topic was last modified on 12/7/2018.
But if you scroll to the very end - you will see what is written there - the last changes were made on 04.12.2018.
That is, it is a good selling page, it is so))
but there are too many lies on it, unfortunately.