Very strange rejection reason

Hi people!
I am wrighting to you as after long conversation with help/support team I alredy doubt in my sobriety and even sanity.

I have uploaded the following image:

And got rejection reason about mature content here:

We’re not able to accept your submission as it is not currently appropriate for our Envato Market audience. The submission is overly strong or may be offensive in one or more of the following areas:
– Nudity, even partial (or sexuality)
– Illegal or underage substance use
– Language
– Violence
Please note that even if your image meets our quality and aesthetic standards, we do not currently have a mature content filter, so we are unable to accept it into our library.

And the end of discussion with help center was to follow the advise of reviewr.
And this sounds crazy as my submission has nothing to do with mature filter content. Neither in visual, nor in attributes.

Please advise if anyone sees in it anything that may cause such reply from reviewer. I see only words ‘black’ and ‘white’ in keywords. But that would be too ridiculous to count those as mature content.

Title: ok no, two paper notes on black background for presentation
Description: Approval ok and no, two white paper notes with wooden holders in different directions isolated on black paper background for presentation
Keywords: notes; two; ok; no; approval; refuse; agree; deny; paper; white; holder; wooden; black; dark; presentation; background; template; business; different; difference; opposite; top; down; bottom; up; power; point; modern; high; people; marketing; sales; result; text; office; layout; request; reply; boss; chief; employee; manager; subordinate; ask; yes; management;

People, I will be grateful if anyone can find what in this file can cause such rejection reason I have got.

What market did you submit this to? PhotoDune or GraphicRiver? It is just a .jpg right not a layered or constructed PSD?

Yes, it was jpg submitted to PhotoDune as ready file. All other files from this series were approved, even ones that I would consider somehow offensive. And this one was so pure, naive and clean and that is why I wonder what made reviewer to see any mature content here.

I can’t see what is wrong with it but if you have already gone down the road of chatting to support I am not sure what else to suggest

Anyway thank you very much for looking at it. I also do not find anything wrong and I amm sure it was mistake by reviewer. They are all people for sure.
But what I do not understand is why support team does not check it with another reviewer. That would be very logical in my mind.
Thanks for your help,