Very serious and large Piracy website

I discovered very serious and large private website with our content from all markets.
They are very organised, i’ve not seen before well organised website.
They even have https protocol, have their own procedure for downloading files, all content is hosted on their servers (not on well known websites) and they are rapidly growing under 330k on Alexa. Domain is TLD (Top Level Domain)

I already sent an email to Envato Support, but no confirmation from Envato Support Ticket system.
This is very very seriously and never seen before.

@KingDog I will sent you URL because i’m not getting Ticket ID from Envato Support.


From all markets? That’s insane :cry:
Should we send DMCA if we found our own items? Wait, but they used their own server for the files. So it must be cleared from their own side.

Yes but i can’t believe that someone has issued https certificate for such site. This website is not a regular site, it’s more “closed web” for public.

I also reported one website last week, but haven’t received any responses from Envato since then, as always.