Very poor support and a disservice to web developers!



Don’t buy anything here. No support for Roua Hipster Wordpress template that screwed up my entire website. Three days and nothing.


Did you created your ticked here?


Given it is a 5 star rated file and the author seems to reply quickly to comments, I would expect that following the link from @LSVRthemes will help fix this


Hi, thanks for taking the time to help. Yes that’s where I submitted tickets and I’m still sitting with a worthless product. I looked at the authors info too and thought by the reviews about the theme and the support it was OK. I guess I’ll see what happens. I’m still wondering if I was tricked. I really gave this a lot of time and energy to have it fixed. I don’t like to give poor reviews to anyone. And I have a lot of flexibility for a person to correct any problems, but this is a bit beyond reason.


Not sure why it takes so long for them to reply, there may be some objective reason, authors are people too.

Anyway, try to shoot them an email via their profile contact form

And maybe post the comment too

I’ve checked comments for their latest item and their last reply was 13 hours ago so they are definitely “online”. You haven’t been tricked or anything like that.