Very long reviewing process



Hi, I’m Muse Developer and over 20 days I uploaded my item. Now I’m waiting 22 days for acceptation and still no respond. Before that process was max 14 days long.


I have been waiting since 24 days, i think it will touch 30 days this time so be relax and focus on your next item.


Here .

You can check whenever you want the current timings that it takes to have your track accepted,
on all markets.

If you click on a particular market (say AudioJungle) you can see individual types of items
(songs, idents, kits, packs etc.) and how long it takes for each.



I am on 38 days now… patience is the key :slight_smile:


Thanks for your responds :wink: I think this year this process is too long. Last summer i was waiting max 12 days. Hopefully Themeforest makes it faster